Review of Saal Digital Wall Decor

I was recently asked by Saal Digital if I would be willing to review another product for them, of course I jumped at the chance. This time the product came from the wall decor range, which is quite expansive, as can be seen below.

After a great deal of deliberation I went with the "artist canvas" option, uploading one of my recent engagement pictures as the tester. Saal are no slouches, shortly (2 days or so) after ordering the canvas I got a notification that it was already on its way, wow!

The canvas arrived quickly, nicely packaged in a sturdy box. Everything about this canvas screams 'quality'. The frame is constructed in a light but very sturdy feeling wood, flimsy it ain't.
The canvas itself has a wrap-around, so the edges of the photo go around the frame. It's not ultra-deep, but it will crop your image slightly, there are some very useful guides on the software to make sure you bear this in mind when you order. Also included in the ordering software is a very useful set of ICC profiles for professional colour management, allowing a great deal of precision when it comes to colour balancing.
Image quality is excellent even on such a large canvas, details are well preserved and look fantastic even on close inspection. I'm very pleased with the whole package, this is an excellent quality, durable canvas for wall-display.  These canvases will make a great addition to the range of print products I offer my clients and will look stunning for wedding memories.

Kudos to Saal for knocking it out of the park once again, I'm glad that they asked me to review this beautiful canvas, if you're a photographer looking for quality printed art-pieces, look no further!